The Grand Canyon Wine Co.

Williams, Arizona

Grand Canyon Wine Co is a producer of local Arizona Wine and stylish GCWco gear. We are a family run company established in 2010.

            Wine in a CAN?  WHY?

Because AWESOME PEOPLE like to think outside the GLASS!

We say, why not?! If you are like us and believe outdoor activities are better enjoyed with a little booze, you have come to the right place! These cans are the perfect pack in-pack out companion for your next trail hiking, mountain biking, cliff diving, river rafting adventure. These single servings of Arizona goodness are ready to travel wherever the road may lead…even if it's just  to the nearest couch. Hey, we don’t judge. 

The Good Green Feelies.

 We sure love the outdoors here in Arizona, so much so, we kinda want to keep it around for a while. Did you know you can recycle aluminum cans over and over again forever and ever? Limitless! Even better, these little wine-holding beauties are THE MOST recyclable item in the United States. In fact, once these cans go into the those little blue bins, they have the ability to make it back to the retail shelf in as little as 60 days with ZERO loss of material. What what? We sadly cannot say the same thing about glass. Glass required more energy to produce than aluminum AND more energy and time to recycle. Save a bottle. Crush a can. 

Be Better Than Them.

Oh you know who we’re talking about. Those pretentious wine snobs who don’t realize how ridiculous they look with all their pinkies in the air,  swirling, sniffing and spitting. Lame. Relax. Be yourself. Make drinking fun again. You can thank us later.